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Welcome to BetCommando, the home of the most advanced Betfair trading software guaranteed to meet all your sports trading requirements.

Our state of the art software allows Betfair users to bet/trade more efficiently with speed of execution and the deliverability of the most clear and concise trading platform being our main aim, allowing you to enter bets into the markets far quicker than the Betfair website plus having the competitive advantage a complete arsenal of extra tools at your disposal to identify and execute your trades with world class sniper efficiency.


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Betfair Trading Software for Serious Players



By using any of our products you can be sure that you get reliability. All of our products are extensively QA tested by REAL traders. Battle tested in the trenches with real cash, no fluff and smokeless cigars in this camp!


Excellent Support

No Soldier should be left in the field without support and our command centre is always just an email away, as active traders ourselves, we resolve problems in minutes, not weeks! Updates are released regularly and at no charge to our loyal soldiers.


Always Evolving

We are always looking to introduce new cutting edge features which evolve from our decades of trading experience and the feedback of our customers. The “Race Line” technology is a testament to this statement. Its only found here and once you start using it you will never look back!

Who Are We?

Our team has been developing financial and betting software for the last 2 decades and we are no stranger to the Betfair markets, Betcommando (formerly known as BetPodPro) was tried and tested by over 200,000 soldiers! We’ve taken it up a notch and completely re-written the code making it even more robust and if you thought it was fast before…..its even faster now!


With one-click betting, offset trading, fill or kill, stop loss functions just to name a few, betcommando has everything required to turn a profit from the Betfair markets, whether that be Horse Racing, Football, Tennis or anything else you decide to aim at. Take the 7 day FREE trial today… to find out for yourself.

Battle Tested

Our software is designed to be clear, clean and easy to use straight out of the box.

All of our trading screens are designed to be Uncluttered, Fast and Efficient

Our team have combined their knowledge to ensure that our software meets even the most fastidious traders expectations and provide our customers with the industries most robust, fast and reliable software.

You can trade over multiple markets using a mixture of ladders and grids. You can also use the normal interface, all at the same time.

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